October 19, 2017

Cleveland Rocks

by Rosemary West

We spent most of a day at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a museum dedicated to the history of the most significant figures in the development of rock and roll. In addition to a vast collection of memorabilia, including instruments, costumes, documents, and photos, there are a number of in-depth historical displays, interactive kiosks, and video presentations. When we were there, there were special exhibits on John Mellencamp, Rolling Stone's 50th anniversary, the Summer of Love, and the 2017 inductees.


The next day we visited another museum, the Cleveland Museum of Art. It's not possible to see everything there in one day, so we focused on the special exhibits. There was a small exhibit commemorating the 100th anniversary of the death of sculptor Auguste Rodin. Among other works, the museum has one of Rodin's iconic Thinkers. The statue was vandalized by a bomber in 1970, a crime that remains unsolved. After much debate, the museum decided not to attempt any repairs, and the damaged statue remains on display.

The mangled Thinker in Cleveland.

The Thinker as we saw him in Paris in 2010.

The museum also has some wonderful interactive displays, where the viewer can stand in front of a computerized wall and use hand and body movements to interact with the presentation. We had great fun trying this.

Not far from the art museum are the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. This is a series of small gardens, representing various cultures or ethnicities from around the world. The project began in the early 1900s, and is ongoing. There are currently 29 completed gardens, and more are in progress. Each garden has an identifying sign. Inside, there may be statues, water features, plaques, or structures.

Of course, Dante Alighieri has a prominent place in the Italian garden.

From Cleveland, we continued north.

October 17, 2017

A Vacation From the Vacation

There are plenty of things to see and do in Columbus, Ohio, but we didn't see or do any of them.

We needed a few days to rest and catch up with ourselves. We checked into a unit with a kitchen, where we cooked our own meals for the next three days. We did laundry. We ran some mundane errands like buying socks and toothpaste. We sat around doing nothing. We got some sleep.

We didn't take any pictures, but here is a nice view of the Columbus skyline from Getty Images.

Embed from Getty Images


October 15, 2017

Louisville, Kentucky

by Rosemary West

We made a short stop in Louisville, where we had a great time visiting our friends Johnny and Stephi Wolff.

That weekend, there were a lot of events going on. We went to a couple of art festivals, including a very popular one near the Big Four Bridge. This former railroad bridge across the Ohio River is now a pedestrian and bicycle bridge connecting Louisville to Jeffersonville, Indiana. We walked across and had lunch in Indiana, then walked back.

From the Big Four, you can see the Abraham Lincoln Bridge and the John F. Kennedy Bridge, so close together that from this angle they almost look like a single structure.

We strike a pose.

Paddlewheelers still travel the river.

Louisville is known for its many great restaurants, and that includes terrific places to get breakfast. We didn't photograph our food, but maybe we should have. Eggs Over Frankfort and North End Cafe were two of the breakfast spots we enjoyed. For dinner, the Fat Lamb and Noosh Nosh were completely different in both style and substance, yet both were excellent choices. And who could forget the Red Yeti?

We weren't in Louisville long enough to see and do as much as we would have liked, so we hope to be back soon.