May 10, 2017

Ready for a New Chapter

By Steve W

With our house in escrow, we have still had some work to do to complete the sale. The home inspector found a few items, with only some minor electrical work to be done. Unfortunately, the termite inspection showed evidence of the little buggers and we had to have the house tented for fumigation. One of our neighbors took the picture below and said, "Somebody turned your house into a circus tent."

When the tent was removed, we were amazed at how the subcontracted termite people had left the property. A floodlight was broken, a piece of carpet used to protect the roof was not removed, parts of our garden had been disrupted, a brick had been knocked loose from the stairway, and a door leading to a storage area (that we never locked) was locked with a piece of metal inserted, jamming the lock.

Our termite inspector fixed a few things and took a bit off the bill, but this was an annoyance we didn't need just days before closing escrow next week.

That said, we are almost at the end of this chapter of our lives and more than ready to begin the next. Given that we are taking only one suitcase each, we are tweaking our wardrobe to accommodate our travels and the different weather situations we might face across the US.

While we still have a few appointments in LA, as soon as they are done, we will begin our journey and post regular updates. We are excited, and appreciate the feedback and support from our friends.

Watch this space!

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