August 31, 2017

Glacier National Park

by Rosemary

Glacier National Park, in northwestern Montana, was carved by the movement of glaciers over thousands of years. Much of the main road (called Going to the Sun) winds tightly around the mountains, with a sheer rock face on one side, and a perilous drop on the other. Around every bend is another beautiful scene. Mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, flowers, wildlife ‑‑ this place has it all.

These pictures are just a tiny sample of what we saw in two days driving and hiking in the park.

No, we didn't climb over the rail, and yes, we did carry bear spray.

The water in those streams is crystal clear.

We encountered this group of bighorn sheep quite unexpectedly at a campsite by one of the lakes. They like to sneak in and lick the insides of the firepits; apparently the charcoal is good for their digestion.

We stayed in the town of Kalispell, about 30 miles from the park entrance. It was the height of huckleberry season, and everywhere we went we saw signs urging us to indulge in "hucks". The perfect ending to a long, amazing day in the park was to stop at Huckleberry Haven, where we had a piece of huckleberry pie topped with huckleberry ice cream.

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