September 10, 2017

Day 100

by Rosemary

Here we are in Seattle in July.

This is Day 100 of our road trip.

A couple of weeks ago, someone asked me if we were tired of traveling yet. I'd say that we are less tired all the time. With experience, we have gotten better at being nomads. This is simply how we live now.

We have traveled to 16 states, staying in 32 cities in two countries and four time zones.

Clearly, there is some lag time between going somewhere and blogging about it. Our most recent post covered South Dakota, which we visited in early August. In real time, we are currently in Louisville, Kentucky.

Between driving, sightseeing, organizing photos, and life in general, we are typing as fast as we can. In the meantime, here is a shot of the ferris wheel we rode at the Minnesota State Fair.

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