October 7, 2017

Bloomington, Indiana

by Rosemary

We left Illinois for another state with a flat landscape and plenty of cornfields - Indiana.

In Bloomington, we enjoyed the hospitality of our friends Melanie and Eric Isaacson. On our first full day in town, we went hiking with Eric and his buddy Mike near Crooked Creek Lake in Yellowwood State Forest.

We didn't spot any wildlife, except for a couple of little toads. This one sat motionless in the path, apparently hoping we wouldn't notice him.

The next day, Eric and Melanie took us on a walking tour of the town. We walked to Indiana University, which has an attractive campus and many interesting buildings.

Nearby, a plaque commemorates composer/performer Hoagy Carmichael, who was born in Bloomington.

Among the city's historical landmarks is the former Johnson's Creamery, whose smokestack is now in use as a communications tower.

We also enjoyed this gigantic outdoor sculpture, "Bloomington Banquet", by Dale Enochs.

Eric recommended that we take the architectural tour in Columbus Indiana, a city less than 40 miles from Bloomington. We took his advice, and headed for Columbus the next day. See our next blog post for details.

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  1. Keep this going please, great job!


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