December 1, 2017

Six Months Later

by Rosemary

Taking a selfie with the Liberty Bell

We have been traveling for six months. In that time, we've stayed in 51 cities in 29 states or provinces. (That doesn't count the hundreds of places we visited or drove through without spending the night.)

It takes a little time to organize the photos and write about our experiences, so the blog is usually a few weeks behind our current location. Our last post was about a quick trip to the Bronx, but since then we've been to a lot of other places, and right now we are in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

People often ask us where we are going next. Often, the answer is "We don't know." There have been a few times when we made reservations well in advance. For example, we had to plan our eclipse trip months ahead of time. More often, we look only at the next week or two. Occasionally, we just head in a direction and make a same-day reservation based on where we think we'll end up that night.

With time and experience, we have developed routines and attitudes that make life on the road a little easier. In the beginning, we had a tendency to drive too far, and to try doing too many things in a short time. Now, we spend less time in the car, and stay a little longer in places so we can enjoy them at our leisure.

We're looking forward to going somewhere else tomorrow.

Packed and ready to go.

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