January 15, 2018

Just call it "Myrtle"

By Steve W

After leaving Atlanta, we doubled back to the East Coast to visit our friends Suzi and Colon in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Suzi was my first assistant when I opened an actual office for my business 20 years ago and we have stayed in close touch ever since. We had a few great meals and got to spend time with them and their dog, Smooch.

As we were there at the end of November, this was definitely off season for these popular seaside resorts. It seemed like all of the hotels had vacancies and many of the shops along the shore were closed, but there were still plenty of places to buy T-shirts, towels and sandals. All this worked to our advantage, as the towns were quiet and uncrowded, although it looked like we got into town a day too early.

Free beer tomorrow?  Damn! But all the other things on this sign just might be true.

Amazingly, on the road between North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach, there were about 17-18 restaurants that had the word "pancake" in the name (Colon: "Well, people like breakfast.") and an equal number of miniature golf courses. I'm sure there is no connection between those two.

We went to several of the beaches in the area and understand why this place is so popular during the season. Beaches are clean, with lots of trash cans available, and offer some great sunsets.

Although there are signs about where you can or cannot sit or pitch umbrellas, some of the locals ignore them.

Sign? What sign?

North Myrtle Beach proudly proclaims itself the home of the "Shag", a beach music dance, with a logo of dancers in various spots around town.

Despite the number of hotels in the area, there is still more construction going on in prime oceanfront locations.

All in all, a fairly quiet week, which is just what we needed at this point in our trip. Follow us as we, like General Sherman, continue our march through the South, although with a lot less destruction (and a much better attitude).

Note: We were here the last week of November.

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