May 15, 2021


Did you miss us?

We hope to begin traveling again soon. In the meantime, Google has informed us that changes are being made to the infrastructure that supports this blog. As of July, it will no longer be possible to receive updates by email. This is not our choice! (Google has already implemented other changes that make writing blog posts harder.)

Google suggests that our friends and followers can subscribe via a "RSS Reader". Another way to follow us is via Twitter, @SomewhereElse13, where links to both our travel blogs will be posted.

We regret the inconvenience this is likely to cause. If it were up to us, we'd keep everything just as it is.

Thank you for following our adventures, and for your understanding at this time.

Email subscribers: If you received two very similar-looking messages on this topic, it's because you subscribe to both our blogs. Thanks!


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  1. It used to be pretty easy to add a blog (as the author) on MailChimp. I imagine it still is (I set up mine several years ago) - it just looks at the RSS and sends the e-mails. No idea what your subscriber numbers are, looks like now it is free with up to 2000 contacts.


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