November 13, 2017

A Fall Weekend in New England

by Steve W

After leaving Montreal, we took the opportunity to stop in Vermont to see our niece Gracie, who is a student at Middlebury College, near Burlington. We took her to dinner one night in the town of Middlebury, then spent most of the next day with her in downtown Burlington. A great kid, brought up by her great mom, my sister Janis.

Gracie and Aunt Rosemary

No, she's not as tall as I am, she's standing on a rock!
Burlington is located on the shores of Lake Champlain, so we spent some time enjoying the lakeside views.

It is also the home of the Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

This is one big bear! The legs are made out of hay bales.

We also saw some interesting "wild" life.

What are you looking at?

Not sure what this is, but it's pretty scary.

Uh oh, someone's rhino got loose in the house.
After stopping overnight in the town of Franconia, we passed through the White Mountain National Forest. On our way, we saw signs for a river with an almost familiar name.

I think they misspelled it.
Although the weather had been warm, it was just starting to get colder, so the leaves were starting to turn colors. I had heard about the Fall colors in New England, but had never seen them in person. Unbelievably gorgeous!

While driving on the Kancamangus Highway, we came to Lower Falls, a small set of rapids on the Swift River. Although the water was shallow when we were there, at other times it can be quite deep with a strong current.

We're heading to Boston, so we expect to see more great scenery and glorious Fall colors in this part of the country.

Note: We were here at the very end of September.

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  1. My 4th-great-grandfather, Jacob Newcomb, a patriot soldier in the American Revolution, drowned in Lake Champlain in 1777. Apparently he and two other soldiers had attempted to row across. Their bodies were never recovered.


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