November 17, 2017

"By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea"

by Steve W

For reasons beyond our control, we were in the Boston area longer than anticipated. Because of that, however, we were able to stay in different parts of the surrounding communities and spend some time exploring the various aspects of what that part of the country has to offer. This post will focus on some of the places and sights along shores of bays and the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the places we stayed was Hull, a small seaside community east of the city. We rented a small house near Hingham Bay. From our deck, we got some incredible views of sunsets over the water.

A few miles away was the beach community of Nantasket. Given the time of year, many of the businesses were closed, as the season was over, but the beaches were open, as were a few restaurants on a restricted schedule.

It was a cold day, but someone decided to take a swim!
We drove out to the end of the peninsula and saw (from a distance) some large houses on Spinnaker Island, a private community accessible only by bridge.

Ah, to have an ocean view means living right on top of your neighbor.
Hingham was the "larger" town in the area, and we did some food shopping and ate dinner there a couple of times.

One day, we decided to drive down to Cape Cod and Provincetown (or "P Town", as the locals call it).

We had a chance to walk around town and saw a monument to the Mayflower Compact, an agreement signed upon the arrival of the first pilgrims in 1620, which was the first written framework of government in the new British colonies.

The signing of the covenant.
Drives along the coastline gave us some beautiful views. We stopped at Herring Cove Beach

and Newcomb Hollow Beach, named after some of Rosemary's distant relatives who had lived in the area.

We are used to sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, but having the sun set behind you offers some unique views of the clouds over the ocean to the east.

Some of the signs on the beach were very informative, with examples in the nearby ocean.

It says that sharks prey on seals and not to swim with the seals.

If swimming near seals, you don't have to be faster than the shark, just faster than the seals. Which you won't be!
As we were leaving Hull on our last day, we encountered a flock of wild turkeys roaming the streets. Apparently, these wild birds can be a problem in Massachusetts, sometimes becoming aggressive and destructive.

My second favorite type of Wild Turkey.
After leaving Hull, we moved inland and explored some other areas around Boston, to be discussed in an upcoming post.

Note: We were here during the first part of October.

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